33 Panning Whoosh Sound Effect Air Wind Hit blow

33 Panning Whoosh Sound Effect Air Wind Hit blow
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33 Panning Whoosh Sound Effect Air Wind Hit blow

Ideal sound effect for use in radio tv videos and many more uses …..

If you listen to this sound with headphones, you will be able to appreciate more the panning effect that is produced by making the sound move from one side to the other.

By moving from one side to the other the audio makes this sound much more effective and efficient to support images and video.

It can also be used in video games with great effectiveness.

It is at the discretion of the audio editor how to use this audio file.


  • The demo audio is of lower quality than the audio on sale
  • Sales audio to download sound high quality Stereo : 48,000 Hz and 24 Bits


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In this sound effect you can hear several nuances such as a Wind sound or air movement linked with a subtle expansion or blow.

The uses of this sound effect are multiple and varied.

If you are an audio editor you can modify this sound to your liking once purchased.

The audio quality of this sound file allows you to modify it without losing the quality.

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You need to buy the sound to be able to use it.

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The sensation of wind or wind gust crossing from one side of the listener to the other is one of the main characteristics of this wind-related sound effect or a gust of wind.